Culturally SMART Fellowship

The purpose of the Culturally SMART Fellowship is to increase cultural competence in communication sciences & disorders clinical research and to provide hands-on research experience in multicultural issues to historically underrepresented students via representative mentorship. 

Eligibility Criteria

In order to participant as a fellow, you must be:
1) A full-time graduate student enrolled in a communication sciences & disorders program or related discipline 
2) In good academic standing (will be verified by unofficial transcripts)
3) A member of a historically underrepresented population in STEM

Program Details

Part I - Cultural Competency Curriculum
Module1: Cultural Competence in SLP
Module 2: Culturally Responsive Clinical Research
Module 3: Assessment & Intervention Considerations
Module 4: Multicultural/Multilingual Issues & Advocacy

Part II - Research Experience 
Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in various aspects of a research protocol (e.g., recruitment, data collection and analysis, and dissemination of findings).  During the Fall semester, fellows will develop a research project and submit an abstract to a conference based on their findings. 


Part II - Research Experience (con't)
One of the most important parts of research is the dissemination of the research findings. If their abstract is accepted, fellows will present their research at a conference in the Spring semester.  They will also have the opportunity to submit a research article to a peer-reviewed journal as an alternative, or in addition to, a conference presentation.

2021-2022 Inaugural Fellows

From Left to Right: Deja Bulluck (UDU), Brittney Ford (UDC), Bejani Turley (UDC)
Not Pictured: Nell Drummy (UDC)

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