Meet The Directors

Drs. Sulare Telford Rose and Jennifer Rae Myers know firsthand the many barriers that limit direct research training opportunities, particularly regarding multicultural issues. The lack of opportunities as Master-level graduate students, in part, inspired them to address this critical gap as a means to better prepare graduate students from culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) backgrounds regarding research in multicultural issues. Through research mentorship they hope to increase interest in research among historically underrepresented students and improve training in the area of multicultural clinical research. 

Sulare Telford Rose

Assistant Professor
University of the District of Columbia

Sulare Telford Rose, PhD, CCC-SLP is an Assistant Professor of Speech-Language Pathology at the University of the District of Columbia and an ASHA-certified speech-language pathologist. She currently serves as the professional development manager for ASHA's Special Interest Group on Global Issues in Communication Sciences and Related Disorders (SIG-17). Dr. Rose has over a decade of experience working as a bilingual speech-language pathologist and early interventionist. Her research explores practical assessment and intervention methods for addressing the communication needs of culturally and linguistically diverse populations, particularly those from Spanish and Caribbean English Creole-speaking backgrounds.


Jennifer Rae Myers

Founder & President
RB 'A Way With Words' Foundation

Jennifer Rae Myers, PhD, MS, CCC-SLP is the founder and president of the RB 'A Way With Words' Foundation, a nonprofit that provides free expressive arts and communication health programs to underserved communities. Jennifer has over a decade of clinical and research experience as speech-language pathologist and neuropsychologist. Her interests include the relationship between trauma and cognitive-communication, digital health as well as cultural considerations of standard-of-care and research practices. Jennifer was recently selected as a Pollination Project Greenhouse grant recipient to support her efforts regarding cognitive-emotional development in inner city youth who have experienced adverse childhood experiences. 


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